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so i have a beyonce patch on my backpack and it struck up a convo with this dude. we ended up hanging out cause he doesn’t know any french and i thought i would help him out. at one point i went to get a beer and when i came back he was gone. i thought ‘alright, another dick met in paris’ so i went down to the metro to go home and all of a sudden-

"beyonce! beyonce! hold up! "

ohhh maa gawd! that’s me! :o

omg thats how we met too!! blessed beyonce backpack patch 🐝👑

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Jun 23

always chasin

a. Chiefly colloq. A girl or woman exhibiting characteristics associated with a cat, esp. sweetness or amiability. Freq. used as a pet name or as a term of endearment. Cf. puss n.1 3, pussycat n. 3.

c1557–65 in T. Wright Songs & Ballads (1860) lxxiv. 209 Adew, my pretty pussy, Yow pynche me very nere.

1583 P. Stubbes Anat. Abuses sig. Hv, You shall haue euery sawcy boy..to catch vp a woman & marie her… So he haue his pretie pussie to huggle withall, it forceth not.

1836 Thackeray Let. 2 July (1945) I. 314 How have you passed the night dear Pussy?

1852 H. B. Stowe Uncle Tom’s Cabin I. xvi. 266 ‘What do you think, pussy?’ said her father to Eva.

1932 A. Christie Thirteen Probl. xi. 193 ‘The dame de compagnie, you described, I think, as a pussy, Mrs. Bantry?’ ‘I didn’t mean a cat, you know,’ said Mrs. Bantry. ‘It’s quite different. Just a big soft white purry person. Always very sweet.’

1941 A. Christie N or M? iii. 38 Old boarding-house pussies. Nothing to do but gossip and knit.

1952 M. Tripp Faith is Windsock iv. 73 ‘Your rear gunner is a hit with the ladies.’ ‘Jake knows how to make the pussies purr; it’s an old Jamaican custom.’

[1959 M. Richler Apprenticeship Duddy Kravitz i. ix. 50 Milty ran off crying… ‘What is it, pussy-lamb?’]

1986 D. Potter Singing Detective ii. 45 But tonight there isn’t a pussy in sight. Not even a four-legged one. All good people have gone home.

b. slang (chiefly N. Amer.). A sweet or effeminate male; (in later use chiefly) a weakling, a coward, a sissy. Also: a male homosexual.
In quot. 1904: a man likened to a house-cat; a dependent or ‘domesticated’ man.

1904 ‘M. Corelli’ God’s Good Man xxi, I shall invite Roxmouth and his tame pussy, Mr. Marius Longford.

1925 S. Lewis Martin Arrowsmith vi. 65 You ought to hear some of the docs that are the sweetest old pussies with their patients—the way they bawl out the nurses.

1934 M. H. Weseen Dict. Amer. Slang 193 Pussy, an effeminate boy.

1958 L. Durrell Mountolive viii. 157 ‘I first met Henry James in a brothel in Algiers. He had a naked houri on each knee.’ ‘Henry James was a pussy, I think.’

1967 ‘iceberg slim’ Pimp v. 103 Look Preston, I got lots of heart. I’m not a pussy. I been to the joint twice. I did tough bits, but I didn’t fall apart.

1972 T. O’brien Combat Zone 45 You afraid to be in the war, a goddamn pussy?

1988 J. D. Pistone & R. Woodley Donnie Brasco 119 If he beat me up or cut me, then I would be a pussy in everybody’s eyes.

1993 G. Donaldson Ville 20 He believes the only thing worse than being a pussy is being a big pussy.

2004 J. Meno Hairstyles of Damned 125, I..wanted to ask her to Homecoming, but I was a pussy and embarrassed about being in love with her because she was fat.

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Ticket to Ride

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I’m Happy Just to Dance with You

Tola Pulsford

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Nov 30

Moving to Paris- Need Advice!!!

My best friend and I are moving to Paris in March. We are planning on sewing clothes out there to make money and we’re working on getting a work visa. Although we have a few friends in Paris, we still don’t know where we’re going to stay. We’ve been offered a job harvesting grapes which sounds rad but we’d also like something that wn’t take us out of Paris. 

Any help, suggestions or advice would be more than appreciated. We’re kind of letting the wind take us where we’re going. We want to buy a one way ticket - and yes we’ve thought this through. we are dedicated to our plans to move.- My bf is learning French really fast and all of my 2 years of studying is coming back to me just as fast as she’s learning. 

We are not the richest of people but we’re saving up all of our dough to get there for the next three months. 

I just thought I’d turn to good ol’ tumblr for some life advice and aid haha

Thank you